Five Advertising Lessons From This Year’s Super Bowl Commercials
There are many small business marketing lessons that can be learned from Super Bowl ads like this Kia commercial

Though it may not look like it, Super Bowl commercials are the perfect case study for your small business marketing efforts. Each year, multi-billion dollar companies shell out millions of dollars just for the chance to reach more than 113 million riveted viewers. This year, a single 30-second ad cost $5 million. It doesn’t look […]

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Public Relations When Business Gets Political
public relations for small businesses should include political positions

Uber is in trouble. The company is under fire for allegedly “breaking the strike” of taxi cab workers at JFK International Airport. The heat was turned up further when people found out that Uber CEO Travis Kalanick sits on an advisory council for President Donald Trump. The company has gone into full-out public relations mode […]

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Entrepreneurs are the Tom Brady of the Working World

People love to hate Tom Brady. He ranks number five on the list of “Most Hated NFL Players of All Time.” I used to hate him too. Most people would say they hate him because of the “Deflategate” scandal, where Brady was caught using underinflated footballs during the 2015 AFC Championship game. If we’re honest, […]

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How To Respond to Negative Reviews Online
how to respond to negative reviews online

People trust online reviews. A lot. The words your customers type online show up in your bottom line. In fact, studies show that most potential customers trust online reviews almost as much as they trust their own friends and family. That means ThrowsAFit89 has almost as much sway over your profit margins as your customer’s […]

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150+ Social Media Post Ideas
a picture promoting social media post ideas

Social media post ideas are often the bane of the small business owner’s online existence. Guys like me tell you that you need post consistently – at least two to three times a week. But first you have to find the time to post and even if you do find time, what do you post […]

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The Christmas Customer Retention Trick

This is quite literally the best time to buy anything. Need a new phone? Discounts are everywhere. Want a new canoe? There’s a sale for that too! You’re probably using every sales trick in the book to get customers into your stores. Discounts, advertisements, sponsorships – everything is on the table. However, all of that […]

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You Are Not Devastated

Blue is supposed to be a good color. It symbolizes trust and confidence – the exact opposite of what I felt staring at the blue screen coming from my laptop. In that moment, I felt like Simba in The Lion King when he finds out Mufasa died. I was staring at my dead computer, turning […]

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Don’t Scrap Your Small Business Marketing Plan…Yet
Small Business Marketing Plans are like Spider Webs

We can learn a lot about small business marketing simply from noticing our surroundings. For example, last week I ran into the anchor point for a spider’s web in my backyard. The web started flapping in the breeze and I saw the little spider inside it get to work. Instead of abandoning his plan, the […]

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How To Win Your Game Seven

I’m not a baseball fan. I’m trying to become one, but the season is long and, honestly, I don’t understand the complexities. (What the heck is a 5-4-3 double play?) That being said, I am a huge fan of game sevens – the final game in a “best of seven” series. In game seven, the […]

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Referral vs. Retention: Which One is Better for Small Businesses?

Right now, both presidential candidates are running the nation’s largest – and most intense – referral program. The Democratic and Republican nominees for President are encouraging their supporters to persuade others to join the cause by donating to the campaign and, most of all, voting. In a previous blog, I mentioned referral programs as one […]

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