The Beale Street Merchants Association is one of the oldest institutions on historic Beale Street. The merchants of Beale Street have served as the voice of Memphis in good times and bad. The street is one of the hottest tourist attractions in Tennessee, but the website for the Beale Street Merchants Association had not been updated since the early 2000s. They weren’t even able to change content without going through a significant process.

KMF Strategies was tasked with updating the site and providing the BSMA with a way to showcase their events to the public.

How We Helped

In the past, The BSMA used a contractor to manage and host their site. KMF Strategies reduced their cost by presenting new hosting options and providing an editor that allowed the managers to drag and drop content onto their site. We set up templates for them to use so they don’t have to worry about messing anything up.

Nonprofits are often concerned about donations, but in the case of the BSMA, event attendance was more important. You may also notice in the gallery below that the Events page of the old website was completely blank. This was because the Merchants were unable to update their own website. We gave them the ability to update their website as needed and created a place to highlight all of their many iconic events.

Small Business Marketing Lessons

Small businesses absolutely must keep their websites up-to-date in order to compete with bigger businesses. Google is consistently changing its algorithm to try and help people find what they need easier. If you are not comfortable with SEO or haven’t updated your site in a while, find someone who can help.

We helped the Beale Street Merchants Association regain control of their website and we also did it for a dance studio in Texas. I know we can help you too.