Archibald’s Tavern – Online Video Advertising

I am a fan of online video advertising for small businesses. Online advertising is more cost effective and targeted than the advertisements on television, but you still can harness the impact of video to reach customers. Using online video advertising in Wake County can give a small business confidence that their ads are reaching their target market. It’s a solution I used with Archibald’s Tavern in Holly Springs. Read more…


New website created by KMF Strategies, a marketing agency in Holly Springs.

Dance Xpressions – A New Website

Located just south of Dallas, Dance Xpressions is a growing dance studio in Ellis County, Texas. They worked hard to develop a solid physical business with four dance rooms and more than 150 students signing up every year. Their website, however, didn’t reflect this. Read more…


ken2Ready To Run 2016 – Political Event

As America becomes more diverse, how do you get more diversity in local, state, and national government leadership? This question led to the inaugural “Ready to Run” conference in Memphis. Hosted by Ken Taylor’s Kingmaker Strategies, Ready to Run helped young, minority citizens interested in politics learn the ins and outs of running a campaign. It was a crash course in political success. The event was so successful, they are already planning a second event to help engage more individuals in the political process.