I am a fan of online video advertising for small businesses. Online advertising is more cost effective and targeted than the advertisements on television, but you still can harness the impact of video to reach customers. Using online video advertising in Wake County can give a small business confidence that their ads are reaching their target market. It’s a solution I used with Archibald’s Tavern in Holly Springs.

The “Busy Intersection” Problem

Archibald’s Tavern really has a phenomenal location. It is in a small shopping center complex near one of the busiest intersections in Holly Springs, the intersection of Sunset Lake and Holly Springs Road. It’s sandwiched between a gas station and a drop-in daycare. What’s more, they are between two of the largest neighborhoods in Holly Springs and just outside of several Apex neighborhoods. Thousands of potential customers pass their restaurant every day.

However, the “Tavern” sign on the side of the building led many residents to wrongly assume that Archibald’s was not family-friendly. Many customers know where they are, but few know what they do. They needed to increase their awareness and let customers know that they were more than just a bar.

Developing A Marketing Plan

After meeting with the staff, I quickly discovered that Archibald’s had a devoted online community of Facebook followers. With more than 1,100 followers, Archibald’s consistently announced events and promotions on Facebook. We wanted to use that fan base to expand Archibald’s reach. We worked together to develop a plan to use online video advertising to get the attention of Holly Springs families.

Together we developed a marketing plan that focused on attracting families and couples to Archibald’s. The plan analyzed the Holly Springs market, including demographics and population trends. We examined local competitors, analyzed their strengths and weaknesses, and developed a strategy for Archibald’s. As part of the strategy, KMF Strategies developed online video advertising that highlighted Archibald’s food offerings and their “Kids Eat Free” night.

The Results

Archibald’s was a fantastic client. They opened up their kitchen for filming and explained to customers what we were doing in advance. All I had to do was come in and film. Initially, we agreed on producing one video, but I got so much good footage that we ended up making two.

The first video was our standard, “Welcome to Archibald’s” sort of video. We wanted to show the passion and energy at the restaurant and present a family-friendly bar and grill. You’ll see a lot of food offerings and families eating at Archibald’s. We are targeting this towards the general population of Holly Springs, as well as younger customers that are looking for a good sports bar in the area.

The second video is aimed at reaching families. Many restaurants in the area hold “Kids Eat Free” nights on Tuesdays. Archibald’s is unique in their Wednesday “Kids Eat Free” offering. We wanted to highlight that, especially around the holiday season when many families are too overwhelmed to cook. While this ad does have a “Holiday” feel to it, it is also one that can live beyond it.


Archibald’s Tavern is the perfect model of businesses we try to help. They are hyper-local with a great vision and a drive to serve their customers. They just needed a little help telling their story. KMF gave them an inexpensive way to tell their story in a new way and we were both very pleased with the way it turned out.